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October News

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying our change of seasons in Southern California. ha! Smile We had our first day of rainy weather and it was so exciting to wear long pants to workout in today. We’ll see how long that’ll last.


This is a great time to get in shape and get in a good workout routine so you’re ready to combat the holiday stress fun when it arrives starting next month.

Come join us any Saturday morning at the park or if you’re a mommy we’re there every Tuesday and Thursday too! We’ve been exploring a couple more routes and are sure to make good use of the mall in the upcoming months. We could always use an excuse to take our workout indoors or stop for a coffee (or Jamba Juice) afterwards.


I started a new Workout Wednesday feature over at my blog STUFT Mama. Make sure to stop on by and check it out (especially if you happen to miss a class or two). he he!

Hope to see you out there!

Inspirational quote of the month-

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Are you ready to take that first step?

If not, email me at kristin@stuftfitness.com. I can give you a nudge. Smile