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Boot Camp

Boot Camp



STUFT Fitness Boot Camp Classes

These classes offer a high intensity workout to improve cardiovascular fitness while incorporating body weight training and toning exercises to get a full body workout. Not only will you burn major calories in class, you’ll also rev up your metabolism for the rest of the weekend. The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn all the time (even while sleeping). All fitness levels welcome. All you need is a towel or mat. All other equipment is provided. Come and give it a try!

First class is FREE!

Saturdays 7:45-9:00 am

Kit Carson Park

by the south playground




  1. Ironic Moves says:

    […] when you’re squatting or sitting on the toilet the next day. Ha ha ha! My one friend who comes to STUFT boot camp said she thought of me every time she went to the bathroom. Aww…. How […]

  2. A Debut says:

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  4. […] short, high intensity interval workout that you can do at home. We do similar circuits like this at STUFT Boot Camp and at my Y40X class I teach at the YMCA. I presented something similar to this at Fitness […]

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  6. Bird Mart says:

    […] morning started with STUFT Boot Camp and a trip to Starbucks (yes, again) for the […]

  7. […] I saw this from online from Bob Harper (who else, right?). I’ve used it a couple of times in STUFT Boot Camp and my Y40X classes at the Y. Every loves/hates it! ha ha! It’s a good […]

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  11. […] and half of this Supreme Protein bar before heading out the door to STUFT boot camp? […]

  12. […] We were on our way bright and early this morning after having to cancel boot camp. […]

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