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A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Kristin Stehly
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been in the industry now for 11 years teaching fitness class at various clubs. I even remember in highschool trying to recruit my friends to come over and let me lead a little workout in my family room. Did I really just write that? In addition to teaching fitness classes, I have been a PE teacher for the past 10 years. Life was good. I was working two jobs that I love. Then………….
I got pregnant with twins. I kept teaching my fitness classes for as long as my doctor let me. I got some pretty funny looks up in front of a room full of people with a huge 7 month pregnant with twins belly.  Ha! After the birth of  my two little miracles (born December 2009) life changed dramatically. Somehow I thought everything would be the same and I would just go back to being a teacher full-time and still have time to teach fitness classes, train clients, be a mom, be the perfect wife that cooks for my husband, run races, etc. Man, oh man, was I wrong.
I was faced with the decision of pursuing my dream job and starting my own business or going back to teaching full-time. After many nights of tossing and turning I decided that this opportunity was presented to me for a reason. I was going to take this chance. It has been one blessing after another.  So here I am, living my dream with my own business, teaching fitness classes and personal training.
I can’t tell you how amazing it is to help others and see the transformation they can make with just a few changes and a little commitment. Exercise is such a beneficial thing to have in your life. I believe that anyone can become the healthy, happy, fit person they believe they can be. I’m here to help!